• 100% of hndrd's net profits go toward ending poverty


  • What we stand for

    hndrd (“hundred”) is a social enterprise striving to achieve social and economic justice through sustainable means. We offer consumers a choice to create a world without poverty and bring out the best in humanity.

    hndrd's mission

    We believe we can accomplish our purpose through the power of social enterprise. But, instead of creating a new product or service, we have set out to create a new economic system. We would like to empower consumers, and offer them an opportunity to change the world through their actions.


    Simply put, 100% of the net profits of each of our ventures are invested into the hndrd foundation. The foundation strives to achieve social and economic justice through global poverty alleviation projects. We have partnered with firms across the globe to fight poverty, fund education, and more.


    We only devote our time, energy, and resources to projects that will make a real difference in helping to make the world a better place. Our commitment to transparency ensures we will meet that goal.


    We believe true social progress will begin only when poverty ends and every human is respected and has an opportunity to share their gift with the world.


    As you probably guessed, our favorite number is 100.

    hndrd's values

    • h uman – we are all just people helping each other
    • n etworking – we believe in collaborating instead of competing
    • d iversity – we have set out on a global mission
    • r espect – we see the best in everyone and everything
    • d evotion – we are passionate about what we do
  • hndrd ventures

    hndrd Exchange

    hndrd Exchange is a two-sided market that connects merchants with buyers through an online platform. What makes the hndrd Exchange unique is the fact that 100% of the net profit from this marketplace will be donated to our foundation for social development.

    hndrd Consult

    hndrd Consult takes an innovative approach to business consulting, connecting our business professionals with people seeking help developing their business and personal lives. Using convenient options such as video calling and email, you can access the consultants in whichever method is easiest for you.

  • hndrd foundation partners

    hndrd + Yuwa

    In November 2015, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Yuwa-India to help fund a teacher’s salary. hndrd's CEO Mohit Pohani visited Franz Gastler, Executive Director of Yuwa, in India. Yuwa’s mission is to empower young women of Jharkhand, India to seize life, to gain opportunity to overcome society’s hurdles, and to become an individual.

    hndrd + Escape From Poverty


    In December 2015, a MOU was signed with Escape from Poverty. We are excited to partner with Linda Lanclos, Executive Director of Escape from Poverty, to provide funding for teachers’ salary and course materials for parenting classes. Escape from Poverty is located in Louisiana, with the mission to provide family mentor classes to keep youth from enabling the cycle of poverty.


  • Who are we?

    Meet the hndrdr's that are changing the world every day.

    Mohit Pohani

    Board of Directors - Chairman

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Rupert D'Souza

    Board of Directors - Treasurer

    Robert Madrilejo

    Chief Financial Officer

    Nouni Wise

    Director of Operations

    Renata Garcia

    Program Manager - Growth

    Vivian Waddle

    Project Manager - hndrd Exchange & Growth

    Abhinav Verma

    Web Developer

    Christine Dang

    Community Manager

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